Amir Youssef

Visual artist from Egypt based in Alexandria. He received his bachelor in 2015 from the University of Alexandria's Faculty of Fine Arts, where he also worked as a Teaching Assistant. His work at this university has strengthened his commitment to issues relating to art and pedagogy, as well as to leadership and learning strategies that might address the social inequality of educational and cultural resources in Alexandria, Egypt. He received his master's DNSEP from the French art school Ecole d'art d'Aix en provence.

His artistic approach focuses on robotics and media archaeology. He explores many facets of movement and narratives while working with a range of mediums, including sculpture, installation, and video. He had always found enormous interest in creating moving objects that changed the appearance and use of toys. He sees a lot of his present work as an outgrowth of this desire to know how things actually work so that he can change their function and significance.

He has been able to explore with a variety of materials and concepts due to this process. While working with American artist Theaster Gates in 2012 on his Huguenot House project for DOCUMENTA 13, where Gates fully rebuilt a run-down house with the aid of artists and musicians, he acquired a better understanding of the value and worth of surrounding materials. It turned  a centerpiece for the local and visiting artist, curators, and Documenta visitor communities. a component of the exhibition scene and of the show. He also worked as an art director for Wael Shawky's film El Araba El Madfuna Part II, 2013.

Currently working on his upcoming group exhibition Panorama 26 at Le Fresnoy - An international studio for contemporary arts. ︎
Group Exhibitions

Panorama 25, Le Fresnoy, France, curtated by Chris Dercon,  2023
Désorientation, Vasarely Museum, Aix-En-Provence, France 2023
MIT museum, Augsburg, Germany, 2021
Arselectronica, Linz, Austria, 2020
Reimagined Narratives, Art d’Egypt, Cairo, 2019
voyage voyage, Ecole supérieure d’art d’Aix-en-Provence, France, 2018.
BJCEM, biennale Milano, Italy, 2016.
Youth- salno 1st, Eltarasina gallery, Alexandria, Egypt 2015.
Youth- salon the 26th edition, Opera House, Egypt, Curated by Khaled Hafez, 2015.
Youth salon at Saad Zaghloul Museum, Egypt, 2015.
Agenda Exhibition, Bibliotheca Alexandrina, 2014.
Youth- salon the 25th, Opera House, Egypt 2014.
MASS-Alexandria Exhibition 3, Alexandria, Egypt, Curated by Petra Sewis, 2013.
MASS-Alexandria Exhibition 2, Alexandria, Egypt, Curated by Daniella Rose King, 2012.
Markaz Elebdaa, Alexandria, Egypt, 2012.
Caricature , Goethe institute, Alexandria, Egypt, 2012.
Bibliotheca Alexandria, Egypte, 2012.
Atelier Alexandria, Alexandria, Egypt,  2010.


Le Fresnoy, Studio national des arts contemporains, 2022-2024
"DNSEP" ,Ecole supérieure d’art d’Aix-en-Provence, France, 2022.
Exchange Semseter - University of Art&Design Linz, Austria 2020.
"DNA" ,Ecole supérieure d’art d’Aix-en-Provence, France, 2019.  
Bachelor of Painting, Facuty of Fine Arts, Alexandria University, 2015.
MASS-Alexandria, curated by Petra Sewis, 2013.
MASS-Alexandria, curated by Daniella Rose King, 2012.


FAIRE AVEC, assistant artiste, Alvin Curran,  Sète, France 2019.
Bavillion Bosios, performing with Jean-François Laporte, junk music, Monaco, France, 2018.
BJCEM, Mediterranean young artists, Milan, 2015.
March Meeting, Sharjah art Foundation 2014.
Artist Assistant, Huguenots House project, Theaster Gates, Documenta 13, Kassel,Germany, 2012.