Useless Machine

In my artistic journey, I've become captivated by the boundless potential that movement unlocks within the realm of art. I'm driven by the notion of creating dynamic connections between the viewer and my work, fostering a heightened level of interactivity. My inspiration finds resonance in the words of Dutch kinetic artist "Theo Jansen," who aptly remarked that the perceived barriers separating art and engineering are constructs of our own minds.

As my exploration deepened, I found myself pondering a profound question: What propels humanity's unyielding desire to take flight? The concept of flying holds diverse interpretations, encompassing notions of travel, speed, and soaring through the skies. As I delved into the mechanics of flight, I recognized that it's not a singular action or emotion, but rather a symphony of repeated movements and signals.

Guided by this revelation, I embarked on a creative endeavor that metamorphosed the natural phenomenon of flight into a mechanical masterpiece. Drawing from the organic world, I intricately engineered a composition that echoes the form of a wing. This larger structure is accompanied by eight meticulously crafted smaller frames, each adding intricate layers to the central concept. Through a meticulous fusion of nature and machinery, I gave life to a mechanical embodiment of flight, setting the stage for a kinetic performance that emanates a rhythm starkly contrasting the fluidity of flight.