Floating Spaces-Lost Paradise

Experience the mesmerizing convergence of tradition, memory, and poetry in Floating Spaces – Lost Paradise. Set within the confines of the Textiles Industrial Museum in Augsburg, Germany in 2021, this exhibition defies traditional ideas of human presence. The choreography, carried out not by human performers constrained by physical boundaries, but by tireless machines, offers a thought-provoking commentary on the evolution of modern urban environments.

As we navigate through contemporary cityscapes, we may notice a gradual decline in meaningful connections between individuals. This trend ultimately leads to feelings of isolation, emotional detachment, and a weakening of community ties. However, "Floating Spaces - Lost Paradise" offers a powerful revelation, uncovering the hidden architectural elements of public spaces and highlighting the importance of social inclusivity and unity through carefully crafted choreography.

The Textiles Industrial Museum has been carefully selected as the backdrop for this dazzling display, its walls serving as a powerful canvas upon which sound breaks the silence and displays come to life. Moving in perfect harmony, the choreography brings to light the poignant songs that embody the very spirit of Bavarian culture.