Déjà vu

Déjà Vu as a reenactment of the past – the history – by screening a movie called “Ubu Roi” produced at the time of the futurist movement, also the beginning of the art revolution as a result of the Industrial International Revolution. The political climate then is similar to how it is now.In the play “Ubu Roi”, written by Alfred Jarry, the author symbolized Futurism as, Ubu, a selfish bourgeois man. Jarry intended to face the world with its truth by creating a character wearing a mask and with that mask as the true hero, it lead to be a sustainable character that escaped time and place to represent an abstract reality.The play is previewed on layers of video tapes that represents the human memory containing images, places, and sounds from different time periods. The sensitivity of the medium used reflects the human’s conscious.

“Ubu Roi” is a sarcastic story of an idiot called Ubu that overthrows the legitimate ruler of the county, ousts all his associates with the plot, and enforces taxes on the people to subjugate all the parties. The son of the legitimate ruler tried to fight Ubu to regain his kingdom.